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Bultz Law Offices has been serving clients since 1986. In the early 90’s when the developing field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) made an appearance locally, Bultz Law Offices began evolving into a leading force for ADR in our area.

Jay Bultz was one of the original trial attorneys selected for training to serve as a mediator for the first “settlement week” in Circuit Court in 1993. He was then later selected to serve on the local delegation to work with the South Carolina Supreme Court Joint Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution to establish a pilot program for mediation in Horry County. These early programs in select counties were very successful and lead the way for further development of ADR programs in our judicial system across the state. Jay went on to train and become certified as a Family Court Mediator, Circuit Court Mediator, and Circuit Court Arbitrator in 1996.

Today the firm’s primary emphasis is not only on the resolution of disputes outside of litigation, but also on keeping informed and up to date on current ADR trends and issues across the country and internationally through conferences, workshops, seminars, peer consultations and review of professional journals and literature.

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