Myrtle Beach Mediation


 How to Make it Happen

1.   Call and make an appointment.

2.   Mediate.  Through the guidance and instruction of Jay Bultz, you will proceed step by step through four categories of issues for detailed discussion and decision as follows:

  1. The Marital Relationship.  This will cover your legal rights and responsibilities such as spousal support and medical care, rights to inherit, restraining orders, dating, etc.
  2. Parenting.  This will cover all matters concerning your children such as custody, visitation, restrictions, communication, child support, life insurance, etc.
  3. Division of Property.  This will cover all matters concerning real estate, personal property, vehicles, financial accounts, etc.
  4. Allocation of Debts.  This will cover all matters concerning debts and liabilities such as mortgages, loans, credit cards, property and vehicle financing, etc.

 3.   Prepare the agreement.  After the mediation session(s) a draft of your agreement will be prepared.  Pick it up and review it thoroughly.  Make corrections and changes together or schedule another mediation session if necessary.  Otherwise drop it off or call in the corrections and changes.  Come in and sign the final version.

4.   Take the agreement to court.  It will have very little enforceability until it is reviewed and approved by the family court and made an order of the court.  You may hire an attorney for this process or Bultz Law Offices can provide you with the paperwork and detailed step by step instructions for you to do it yourself.

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